• 1 x 2.7 GHz CPU
  • 2048 MB RAM+
  • 20 GB Storage (RAID)
  • Bandwidth 1800GB





  • 1 x 2.7 GHz CPU
  • 4096 MB RAM+
  • 40 GB Storage (RAID)
  • Bandwidth 3800GB





  • 2 x 2.8 GHz CPU
  • 8192 MB RAM+
  • 80 GB Storage (RAID)
  • Bandwidth 7800GB





  • 4 x 2.8 GHz CPU
  • 16384 MB RAM+
  • 160 GB Storage (RAID)
  • Bandwidth 15900GB






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EzoicHost team provides the technical support experts support, that are available 24×7 days to assist you and solve any issues get your questions answered in minutes.

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All budget VPS hosting built the infrastructure of comprehensive guides, knowledgebase, and TOS platform to grab the best cloud VPS hosting information.

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We have expert video series to learn, manage and set up your server’s problem. affordable vps providers are providing self-managed or unmanaged support services.

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We provide the VPS hosting services at a low-cost price to
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Solid 100 Gbps network capacity and enterprise-class,
branded HP ProLiant hardware.

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The best KVM VPS means virtual private server virtualization through KVM technology. The cheap KVM VPS server is designed by x86 processors. In the KVM-powered VPS, the resources allocated to one user and cannot share with other users. KVM is more flexible with Linux, Windows, and Custom OS options.

On the other hand, affordable KVM Linux VPS comes with OpenVZ. Using the OpenVZ virtualization, you can share resources with every other client on the host node. It has also considered as container-based virtualization.

The low-cost Linux VPS hosting using high-end infrastructure provides increased redundancy, advanced scalability power, and easy to use platform.

It is achieved by virtualizing servers and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server. We used enterprise-class equipment throughout the facility. OpenVZ only used for Linux-based operating systems.

There are several benefits available for cheap KVM VPS hosting providers. If you find these services, then this is the best Linux VPS hosting for your business. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Powerful Hardware: – The powerful servers are built of multi-core (28 cores / 56 threads) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. You will get 384 GB RAM into each node along with a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.
  2. Highly Secured Storage: – Affordable Linux VPS build on high-level safe and reliable enterprise components. Use security tools like Firewalls to protect data from hackers and attacks. Your valuable data hosted on RAID enabled us to use it for the redundancy of data.
  3. Customizable and Full Root Access: – You have full access to upgrade or downgrade services. When you want to add or when you want to remove. You can easily manage all that with your end.
  4. Tier III Server Platform: – Build your VPS hosting on a very powerful and Tier 3 server infrastructure. This located in the center of Europe (Lithuania).
  5. Inexpensive and Cost Saving: – For your kind of information, you will never get the lowest price of Linux SSD VPS hosting as the EzoicHost offers to you. Check there Linux VPS hosting plan details and pricing by visiting the Linux  VPS page. Our worldwide countries’ services in Indonesia, the UK, Singapore, USA, Australia, Canada, Africa, Germany, Europe, and many more.

The location of the server never matters to your website speed. Do you have to only think about how the server speed works?

EzoicHost offers Tier III based data centre. Tier 3 means dual-powered servers with redundant and forever cooling infrastructure. It always has an active power technique. In that case, the server never goes down or has any downtime. There maximum ratio of going down is less than two hours per year.

EzoicHost best Linux VPS server location is in Europe (Lithuania), Vilnius. It offers cisco ingredients, which help you to avoid loss and failure of your worthy data.

Yes, we offer IPv4 and IPv6 address support. Our Company's cheapest KVM VPS server virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) address. Plus there is an option to add more IPv6 addresses.

Every unmanaged/self-managed cheap Linux VPS plan includes one IPv4 address. If you require more, then you can demand to purchase by as add-ons after deployment.

Note: – You will get a maximum of 31 additional IPs per single instance.

EzoicHost offers 4 types of attractive and versatile cheap Linux VPS server hosting plans and which can be fully customized to fit your particular hosting needs. Differ from low to high configurations as per the specifications of the clients.

The best part is that all these Linux KVM VPS plans come at an affordable and low-cost price as compare to all other hosting providers on the market.

With EzoicHost best cloud KVM VPS hosting, you will get 2 GB to 16 GB RAM, 20 GB to160 GB SSD storage, 1800 GB to 15900 GB bandwidth to transfer data. The most important thing is that you will receive upgraded technology from a 2.7 GHz CPU to the newest technology 2.8 GHz CPU for a faster processor.

The EzoicHost cloud KVM VPS cheap hosting offer various type of operating system such as:

  • CentOS: – Centos stands for Community Enterprise Operating System. CentOS is a Linux distribution system derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The CentOS provides a free, enterprise quality level, community-supported computing platform.
  • Ubuntu: – Ubuntu is a free and full Linux operating system (OS) with both community and professional support. Ubuntu is primarily designed to be used on particular computers, although a server edition does also exist.
  • Fedora: – Fedora is also known as Fedora Linux. Fedora is a Linux distribution developed by the community established Project is known as the Fedora Project. Fedora Linux sponsored mainly by Red Hat.
  • Debian: – Debian is a free Unix-like operating system and freely available for your computer and network servers. Debian OS is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run.

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Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...
Build your website or blog with WordPress, the world’s most popular site and blog management tool. It’s easy to use and gives you the freedom to...

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